2014 Newest Cover Album!!!~~

Anson Hu | Tiger Hu | Hu Yanbin's all new 2014 cover album! There is a high level of familiarity with this album, which cover of his do you like?

Champion on Celebrity Battle 2013!!!!!!!

How did he do it? 3 months of restless nights, he finally made it on top! Make sure you check out this page dediciated to all his covers and performances on this Celebrity Battle competition! We are so proud of him!!!

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Tiger Anson Hu New 2014 Cover Album: 太歌 Tiger | tài gē (Too Songs)

Album: 太歌 | tài gē (Too Songs)
Singer: 胡彥斌 | Hu Yan Bin | Tiger Hu | Anson Hu
Online Release Date: 2014.01.09
Album Release Date: 2014.01.19
Language: Mandarin
Record: 海蝶音樂 Ocean Butterflies International (China)
              金牌大风 (Taiwan)
              英皇娱乐 (Hong Kong)
Genre: China Pop 


The literal translation of the album name "太歌" is "too songs" (meaning: the most; the best; excessive; more songs, and best types of songs). Tiger explains it as "太 好聽的 , " (literally: too good sounding of songs), means "songs that sound too good!!"

The English name of "太歌" is "Tiger." On January 19th, 2013, he officially launched his new label "Tiger Entertainment" and his same name album "Tiger."

As fans, we all know that he purposely chose such a title, "tài gē," since it sounds exactly like "Tiger." RAWR!

This album often makes reference to his performance and achievements on JiangSu TV's Celebrity Battle, check this page for his coverage on Celebrity Battle!


Year 2014 ★ Tiger Anson Hu is the "All-Round King of Songs."

In 2013, through his restless 3 months, he won champion on JiangSu TV's Celebrity Battle show and took home the new title, "All-Round King of Songs."

He says: Though I now have the title, we're not short of winners. Very soon, there will be a second and third person with that same title. I can't always participate in television programs and to live under the spotlight. I wish to return to my life, to continue writing my own songs, and to do my own thing. For singer-song writers, I am destined to be lonely, but in order to be successful, we must be able to endure this loneliness.

Tiger Anson Hu had always wanted an opportunity to produce covers for classic singles within the industry, and Celebrity Battle had given him his opportunity. With each week, he would produce a new cover and receive immediate feedback from his audience.

For Tiger Anson Hu.....

No, inspiration for "Too Songs" didn't come from his competition at Celebrity Battle.
Yes, Celebrity Battle did spark his enthusiasm and to record more songs with a live band.
Yes, the album was recorded in a live studio with a dozen people and instruments.
Yes, each song was recorded in ONE take.
Yes, the album art was taken while recording to capture the live essence of recording the live band album.

Within the album, "Too Songs," song selection for this album are broken down into 3 parts:

Part 1
The first 4 songs were the most influential on the stages of Celebrity Battle.

Part 2
The next 3 songs are covers of his own work. He didn't perform any of his own songs on the stages of Celebrity Battle for respect. As a result, he produced a new cover for his 3 popular songs, and recorded them here.

Part 3
The last 3 songs are his new creations that were written after he established his new Tiger Entertainment Studio.

-- Translation/written by DeniseJF.

Song notes:

01. 沒那麼簡單 (It's Not So Simple) 
The "most popular song" on Celebrity Battle. He achieved nearly full points for his performance scored by the audience.

02. 為你我受冷風吹 (Because of You I'm Blown By Cold Wind)
The "most determining song" on Celebrity Battle. He won the competition with more points than his opponent during the final round.

03. 天黑黑 (Dark Sky)
The "most regretted song" on Celebrity Battle. He regretted not singing this song on the stage, but instead went with another song suggested by his producer.

04. 當愛已成往事 (When Love Became The Past)
The "most affectionate song" on Celebrity Battle. He favours 李宗盛 Jonathan Lee's productions and he sang this one with extra deep emotions.

05. 你買單還我買單 (You Pay Or I Pay)
The "most funky song" in the album. This song was originally an electronic song, but he changed the genre to a funky tune. The production team felt the most "high" with this song.

06. 紅顏 (Beautiful Women)
The "most popular song" in his musical history. Since it's one of favourites, he had always wanted to do a live version.

07. 空位 (Empty Seat)
The "most deserved song" of this album. This is one of his favourite songs, he had always regretted that he didn't actively promote this song. He's taking this chance to renew the rhythm of this song.

08. 成長 (Growing Up)
This song illustrates the hardship of growing up; everyone has to go through ups and downs. Hoping to inspire, he writes his experience while competing on the stages of Celebrity Battle.

09. 如果 (If)
Theme song for Gui Zhou TV's 唱出愛火花 Love Song Spark TV Show

10. 追月 (Chasing The Moon)
Theme song for 秦時明月大電影 Qin's Moon The Movie: The Legend of Qin 2014

-- Translation/written by DeniseJF.

Tracks: (China / Taiwan / Hong Kong Version) (Click song title for lyrics + translation)


English Translation (Temp).
méi nà me jiǎn dān

wèi nǐ wǒ shòu lěng fēng chuī

tiān hēi hēi

dāng ài yǐ chéng wǎng shì

(2014 version)
nǐ mǎi dān huán wǒ mǎi dān

(2014 version)
hóng yán

(2014 version)
kòng wèi

chéng zhǎng
Growing Up

rú guǒ

zhuī yuè
Chasing The Moon

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TV Show: Tiger Anson Hu champion at another competition, Celebrity Battle 2013!!

October 14th, 2013 (Last Updated: January 11th, 2013) - Anson Hu | Tiger Hu | Hu Yanbin joins a celebrity competition against 7 others in JiangSu TV 江蘇衛視's [ Celebrity Battle 全能星戰 ].

Congratulations Tiger Anson! RAWR, he wins champion at this competition! The title "All-Round Singer" belongs to him! His fans now call him "All-Round Tiger." 

Intro to [ Celebrity Battle ]:

JiangSu TV aims to present a celebrity with the new title "All-Round Music King/Queen of China" with this competition. For the first season, they brought together 8 celebrities, and 8 producers from Mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan on one stage. Their aim is to bring out the multi-faceted musical talents of the celebrities on stage, in a battle, and across 6 different types of music styles: rock, folk, opera, jazz, hip-hop, and theatre. Celebrities and their producers will work together to create the best music and sound for your ears. Producers not only have the role to push their celebrity, but also act as a judge and to provide feedback and comments to other celebrities.

This is a list of the celebrity with their producers:
Angela Chang 張韶涵 - 林邁可
Sun Nan 孫楠 - 金武林
David Tao 陶喆 - 朱敬然
Gong Linna 龔琳娜 - 老鑼
Tiger Huang 黃小琥 - 李偉菘
Shun Zi 順子 - 莫凡
Kenji Wu 吳克群 - 陳子鴻
Tiger Anson Hu 胡彥斌 - 撈仔

How does the competition work?

* 8 celebrities will challenge 6 different styles of music (rock, folk, opera, jazz, hip-hop, and theatre) across 11 weeks
* 500 audience members will decide their fate (each can give max 3 points, maximum points 1500)
* elimination of 1 celebrity and producer every 2 weeks
* 1 episode of repechage before reaching the semi-finals
* 800 audience and 4 producers will decide the fate of the last standing champion

Broadcast details: 

* JiangSu TV 江蘇衛視
* Premiere October 11th, 2013
* Every week
* 11 weeks in total

Official broadcast sites:


Official websites:



What has Anson achieved (so far) by being in this competition?

Popularity for him and his songs have rapidly increased in a short period of time!

His name has been listed on Baidu Music as "recommended artist" on the main page, and his performance song in episode 1, "別誤會 (Don't Misunderstand)" is on 43th place in Baidu New Music Charts, as of October 17th, 2013. In just about 1 week (week of October 13th, 2013), his popularity on Baidu Tieba went up 2 times from 200k to 600k during the week of premiere.

After the 3rd episode (week of October 27th, 2013), his live cover of "瀟灑走一回 (Walk Unrestrainedly Once)" hit 2 million hits within 3 days on QQ. That's an example of a successful cover song!

Finally, as he finishes the competition, he fully deserves his new title, the new "all-around singer."

What do I think about Anson's performance here?

I will provide comments/translations, photos, and video links of Anson on each episode. Anson is always enthusiastic and passionate about competitions. He will sing with a new cover for a classic song. It's always nice to follow along! He always does his best, and you can see it reflected in his performances!! Especially since the competition has ended, the new title "All-Round Singer" does sound a little heavy, doesn't it? This competition has a major impact on his recent releases, follow along to see how it has impacted his upcoming releases!

Photo Gallery 
(New photos added each week)

(Click photo to launch album, improved loading and viewing!)

Screen Stills
(New photos added each week)

(Click photo to launch album, improved loading and viewing!)


Episode Ten: Finals Part 2

December 13th, 2013


Episode Eleven: Finals Part 1

December 27th, 2013


Episode Ten: Semi-Finals

December 20th, 2013


Episode Night: Repechage Night

December 6th, 2013

My opinion and his China fans on this performance:

I just had to slip in a comment here. Anson achieved a total of 1455 points and he is just slightly off from a perfect score at 1500. I am both very touched and very proud of him. Most of the audience stood up to applaud him. Anson commented that he didn't care about his results, but he was in fact very touched by the audience. 

He is back into the competition after a round of repechage!! I love it when he wears white, and this outfit is very well slimmed to his body shape! That's right, he not that fat!

Anson's rank: 

* 1455/1500 points
(He's back into the competition!)

Performance song: 沒那麼簡單 | méi nàme jiǎn dān (It's Not That Easy)

Composer: 蕭煌奇
Lyricist: 姚若龍
Arranger: Tiger Anson Hu/鍾興民/谷僳
Original artist: 黃小琥 

Video link (Just Anson's performance):
Official: Youtube
Mirrors: sohu | letv

Audio live (96kbps):

Audio live (Download 320kbps):

(right click, save as...)

Video link (The entire episode):
Official: Youtube
Mirrors: sohu | letv


Episode Eight: Superstar Night

November 29th, 2013

Performance song: 當愛已成往事 | dāng ài yǐ chéng wǎng shì (When Love is a Thing of the Past)

Composer: 李宗盛
Lyricist: 李宗盛
Arranger: Tiger Anson Hu/鍾興民/谷僳
Original artist: 張國榮

Video link (Just Anson's performance):
Official: Youtube
Mirrors: sohu | letv

Audio live (96kbps):

Audio live (Download 320kbps):

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Video link (The entire episode):
Official: Youtube
Mirrors: sohu | letv


Anson PK (Player Killing) against Kenji Wu
(One singer will be eliminated after this round. Unfortunately, Anson is eliminated after this song. However, he will be back in the next episode with an repechage episode! Stay tuned!)

Performance song: Black Or White

Composer: Michael Jackson
Lyricist: Michael Jackson
Arranger: Tiger Anson Hu/鍾興民/谷僳
Original artist: Michael Jackson

Video link (Just Anson's performance):
Official: Youtube
Mirrors: sohu | letv

Audio live (96kbps):

Audio live (Download 320kbps):

(right click, save as...)

Video link (The entire episode):
Official: Youtube
Mirrors: sohu | letv


Episode Seven: Producer Night

November 22th, 2013

Performance song: 夢的眼睛 | mèng de yǎn jīng (Dreaming Eyes)

Composer: 撈仔
Lyricist: 韋恩
Arranger: Tiger Anson Hu/鍾興民/谷僳
Original artist: 孫楠

Video link (Just Anson's performance):
Official: Youtube
Mirrors: sohu | letv

Audio live (96kbps):

Audio live (Download 320kbps):
(right click, save as...)

Video link (The entire episode):
Official: Youtube
Mirrors: sohu | letv


Episode Six: Popular Rhythm Night

November 15th, 2013

Performance song: 小鎮姑娘 | xiǎo zhèn gū niang (Small Town Girl)

Composer: 陶喆
Lyricist: 陶喆
Arranger: Tiger Anson Hu/鍾興民
Original artist: 陶喆

Video link (Just Anson's performance):
Official: Youtube
Mirrors: sohu | letv

Audio live (96kbps):

Audio live (Download 320kbps):
(right click, save as...)

Video link (The entire episode):
Official: Youtube
Mirrors: sohu | letv


Episode Five: Ballad Night

November 8th, 2013

Performance song: 小芳 | xiǎo fāng (Miss Xiao Fang)

Composer: 李春波
Lyricist: 李春波
Arranger: 鍾興民/谷溧
Original artist: 李春波

Video link (Just Anson's performance):
Official: Youtube
Mirrors: sohu | letv

Audio live (96kbps):

Audio live (Download 320kbps):
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Video link (The entire episode):
Official: Youtube
Mirrors: sohu | letv


Episode Four: Opera Night

November 1st, 2013

Anson's background story to his performance:

Performance song: 秋意濃 | qiū yì nóng (Deep Autumn Feeling)

Composer: 玉置浩二
Lyricist: 姚若龍
Arranger: Tiger Anson Hu/鍾興民
Original artist: Jacky Cheung 張學友

Video link (Just Anson's performance):
Official: Youtube
Mirrors: sohu | letv

Audio live (96kbps):

Audio live (Download 320kbps):
(right click, save as...)

Video link (The entire episode):
Official: Youtube
Mirrors: sohu | letv


Episode Three: 
Jazz Night

October 25th, 2013

Anson's background story to his performance:

We don't know if he can the current ranking, next up he picked a song that was very popular in the 90s. He wants to sing the song with a Jazz style.

Anson: During Folk Night, I made a performance mistake. Last episode, I had a lot of pressure, likely because of last performance's results, and also by performing first. My mother was here, and I haven't sang in front of my loved ones for a while, that's why I have a lot of stress. I realized that I should relax and correct my attitude, and to adjust it to my optimal condition to sing jazz. I want to show everyone that I can sing in a really unrestrained way on stage. I will stand up where I fell.

Anson's rank: 

*  1347/1500
(Points reset after 1 singer was eliminated)

My opinion and his China fans on this performance:

I honestly think that Anson pushed his hair in a really awkward way! For the entire course of this episode, Anson was relaxed and chill, it's almost like he's determined to not make the same mistake twice on the same stage. If you watched the entire episode, you will notice that he makes a lot of really kinky jokes and facial expressions after each performance. 

I am one of those people who over listened to the original version of "瀟灑走一回 (Walk Unrestrainedly Once)." Even with the original version still suck in my head, I give props to Anson because he managed to Jazz-it-up with his own style and technique. Oh, and did I forget to mention, after the 3rd episode (week of October 27th, 2013), his live cover of "瀟灑走一回 (Walk Unrestrainedly Once)" hit 2 million hits within 3 days on QQ. Now that's what you call a successful cover song!

Performance song: 瀟灑走一回 | xiāo sǎ zǒu yī huí (Walk Unrestrainedly Once)

Click to open stills from Episode 3
Composer: 陳樂融/王蕙
Lyricist: 陳大力/陳秀男
Arranger: 撈仔/鍾興民
Original artist: 葉蒨文

Video link (Just Anson's performance):
Official: Youtube
Mirrors: sohu | letv | tudou

Audio live (96kbps):

Audio live (Download 320kbps):
(right click, save as...)

Video link (The entire episode):
Official: Youtube
Mirrors: sohu | letv


Episode Two:
Folk Night

October 18th, 2013

Anson's background story to his performance:

Last episode, Anson went with a soft rock song and conquered the audience, and he even surpassed his idol, David Tao, to sit in a temporary #1 position. Tonight, he will challenge himself to the unfamiliar "folk songs," will he be able to show his strength by performing first?

Anson: My hometown is Shanghai, the last time I came home was 4-5 months ago. Whenever I part with my mother, I especially miss her. My father left us a long time ago; when a 3 person family becomes a 2 person family, I carry more burden on my back, and she carries more worries. My performance song is a folk song, and to me, it means it's my mother's favourite song style. I picked a song that can represent my feelings towards my home, and "Gazing Homewards" means I'm missing my mother.

Last episode, Anson said sorry to his previous relationship, but it seems like his mother is the one who he misses and worries about the most. If he can sing a folk song that his mom loves the most, it doesn't matter what the results are, he will use his deep love for his homeward (his mother) because he believes that if he sings for love, it will always be very pleasant to listen to.

Anson's words after his performance:

Anson: The first person to perform plus my rank from last episode was #1, would bring me a lot of stress and pressure. To sing for my loved ones, sometimes can make me very nervous. With today's performance, I think I have too much burden.

Anson's rank: 

* 2495 overall points
* 1142/1500 for this performance

My opinion and his China fans on this performance:

I just have to make a comment on Anson's outfit. White clouds and blue skies, so good looking! I especially like it when he leaves his hair down!

There are 2 important things I want to mention. Firstly, yes, we all noticed that mistake: he sang too early for his bridge, he stopped and restarted. Most can argue that he could have ran with the mistake. Secondly, the song that he picked as a "folk song," is this song really classified as a Traditional folk song? In most Chinese people's eyes, no. After his performance, several producers commented and criticized his choice of song, and also for his mistake. 

Mistakes aside, his voice and performance still really touches people. It just sends shivers down my back! The mistake wasn't THAT bad. Besides, it's only his second performance, he probably has a lot of stress for being ranked #1 on the first episode. It's a big mistake for a singing performance, but it's not as bad since it's only round 2.

His song choice, yes, it's not a traditional folk song. It's more of like a modernized version of a folk song. His singing isn't high-pitched, and it doesn't have a 60s type of feeling. I actually started laughing because the producers were in a argument about what a folk song should be like. As his fan, and knowing him as a singer-songwriter, I think his producer did a good job for presenting him as one. If you really listened carefully, you can hear how nicely the music and his voice are intertwined. (Yes, gather around fans!) Even if folk isn't his strength, he can just go wild with it, and attempt to score points elsewhere. 

There are even some fans who think that he purposely made the mistake to lower his points. (I just think some fans are thinking too much!)

What do you think?

Performance song: 望鄉 | wàng xiāng (Gazing Homewards)

Click to open screen stills from Episode 2
Composer/Lyricist: 黃徵
Arranger: 撈仔/鍾興民
Original artist: 滿文軍

Video link (Just Anson's performance):
Official: Youtube
Mirrors: sohu | letv | tudou

Audio live (96kbps):

Audio live (Download 320kbps):
(right click, save as...)

Video link (The entire episode):
Official: Youtube
Mirrors: sohu | letv


Episode One: Rock Night 

 October 11th, 2013

Anson's background story to his performance:

Rock is not just long hair, leather, and drum sticks. Rock has a soft side.

Anson: This time, I picked this song because it can give me energy. I sing this song with a memory, and to represent my emotions when I was young. I used to have a relationship, I felt that I owe her a lot. I've been with her for 6 years. I've wanted to hold onto her hand to go out, but a lot of people would point their fingers, or take photos of us, etc. I cannot not let go of her hand......

Anson's rank: 

* 1353/1500 points

My opinion and his China fans on this performance:

Fans know that Anson will have a lead in rock music!! It's his new musical style since the release of his last album). He touched a lot of people with his vocals, technique, and performance, including me. He has a good voice and technique to draw people into his songs. Besides his super emotional performance, his background story is one that many people can related to. 

Then we ask, is his voice that persuading? If he sang "I'm sorry," would you will forgive him? I would. 

We were all thrilled when we saw Anson's facial expressions when he realized how many points he got. He was definitely singing his heart out without any pressure. 

Performance song: 別誤會 | bié wù huì (Don't Misunderstand)

Composer/Lyricist: Point zero | Ling dian 零點樂隊
Arranger: Tiger Anson Hu/鍾興民
Original artist: Point zero | Ling dian 零點樂隊

Click to open stills from episode 1

Video link (Just Anson's performance):
Official: Youtube
Mirrors: sohu | letv | tudou

Audio live (96kbps):

Audio live (Download 320kbps):
(right click, save as...)

Video link (The entire episode):
Official: Youtube
Mirrors: sohu | letv


Lyrics Translation: [ 當愛已成往事 | dāng ài yǐ chéng wǎng shì | When Love Became The Past ]

當愛已成往事 | dāng ài yǐ chéng wǎng shì | When Love Became The Past
Back to album: 太歌 | Too Songs  

Singer: Anson Hu
Composer/Lyricist: Jonathan Lee 李宗盛
Original Singer: Leslie Cheung 張國榮
English Translation: Grace Feng

This is the theme song of the movie 霸王別姬 (Farewell My Concubine).

( Don’t bring up the past, life is already tough enough )
往事不要再提  人生已多風雨
wǎng shì bú yào zài tí    rén shēng yǐ duō fēng yǔ

( Although memories won’t go away, love and hate are kept in heart )
縱然記憶抹不去    愛與恨都還在心裏
zòng rán jì yì mò bú qù  ài yǔ hèn dōu hái zài xīn lǐ

( Cut ourselves from the past, let’s move on to a better tomorrow )
真的要斷了過去   讓明天好好繼續
zhēn de yào duàn le guò qù  ràng míng tiān hǎo hao jì xù

( Please don’t try to search for me anymore )
nǐ jiù bú yào zài kǔ kǔ zhuī wèn wǒ de xiāo xi

( Love is a big puzzle, it makes us lose our directions )
愛情它是個難題   讓人目眩神迷
ài qíng tā shì gè nán tí  ràng rén mù xuàn shén mí

( I might forget the pain, but I can’t forget about you )
忘了痛或許可以    忘了你卻太不容易
wàng le tòng huò xǔ kě yǐ  wàng le nǐ què tài bù róng yì

( You have never left me, you are always in my heart )
你不曾真的離去    你始終在我心裏
nǐ bù céng zhēn de lí qù  nǐ shǐ zhōng zài wǒ xīn lǐ

( I’m still in love with you, I can’t do nothing about it )
我對你仍有愛意   我對自己無能為力
wǒ duì nǐ réng yǒu ài yì  wǒ duì zì jǐ wú néng wéi lì

( Because I still have dreams, I still have you in my heart )
因為我仍有夢   依然將你放在我心中
yīn wèi wǒ réng yǒu mèng yī rán jiāng nǐ fàng zài wǒ xīn zhōng

( I’m always moved by the past, my heart is always broken for you )
總是容易被往事打動    總是為了你心痛
zǒng shì róng yì bèi wǎng shì dǎ dòng     zǒng shì wèi le nǐ xīn tòng

( Don’t mind my inadvertent tenderness over the years )
bié liú liàn suì yuè zhōng wǒ wú yì de róu qíng wàn zhǒng

( Don’t ask me whether we will meet again, don’t mind if I’m not telling the truth )
不要問我是否再相逢    不要管我是否言不由衷
bú yào wèn wǒ shì fǒu zài xiāng féng  bú yào guǎn wǒ shì fǒu yán bù yóu zhōng

( Why you just don’t understand, where there is love there is pain )
為何你不懂   只要有愛就有痛
wèi hé nǐ bù dǒng  zhǐ yào yǒu ài jiù yǒu tòng

( Someday you will realize that life won’t be any different without me )
有一天你會知道   人生沒有我並不會不同
yǒu yì tiān nǐ huì zhī dào  rén shēng méi yǒu wǒ bìng bú huì bù tóng

( Life is too short, I’m so afraid to be tearful all the time )
人生已經太匆匆   我好害怕總是淚眼朦朧
rén shēng yǐ jīng tài cōng cōng  wǒ hǎo hài pà zǒng shì lèi yǎn méng lóng

( Forget me then your pain will go away, let the past drift in the wind )
忘了我就沒有痛    將往事留在風中
wàng le wǒ jiù méi yǒu tòng  jiāng wǎng shì liú zài fēng zhōng

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Lyrics Translation: [ 沒那麼簡單 | méi nà me jiǎn dān | It's Not That Simple ]

沒那麼簡單 | méi nà me jiǎn dān | It's Not That Simple
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Singer: Anson Hu
Composer: 蕭煌奇
Lyricist: 姚若龍
Original Singer: Tiger Huang 黃小琥
English Translation: Deranged Sheep

( It's not that simple to find someone to converse with )
沒那麼簡單  就能找到  聊得來的伴
méi nà me jiǎn dān    jiù néng zhǎo dào   liáo de lái de bàn

( Especially when you've seen so much betrayal )
尤其是在 看過了那麼多的背叛
yóu qí shì zài  kàn guò le nà me duō de bèi pàn

( (There is) always unrest, without another option, (one must be) brave )
總是不安  只好強悍
zǒng shì bù ān   zhǐ hào qiáng hàn

( Who killed my romance? )
shuí móu shā le wǒ de làng màn

( It's not that simple, to be able to love, without looking )
沒那麼簡單 就能去愛 別的全不看
mMéi nàme jiǎn dān  jiù néng qù ài  bié de quán bù kàn

( Maybe it's good, maybe it's bad, maybe 50-50 )
變得實際  也許好也許壞各一半
biàn de shí jì   yě xǔ hǎo yě xǔ huài gè yī bàn

( (Even if you) don't like loneliness, after a while you'll get used to it )
不愛孤單  一久也習慣
bù ài gū dān   yī jiǔ yě xí guàn

( (You) don't have to worry about anyone, or have anyone else worry about you )
不用擔心誰 也不用被誰管
bù yòng dān xīn shuí   yě bù yòng bèi shuí guǎn

( (If I) am happy, (I'll) be active )
gǎn jué kuài lè jiù máng dōng máng xi

( (If I) feel tired, I'll just let go of myself )
gǎn jué lèi le jiù fàng kōng zì jǐ

( (I will) casually listen to other people's words, (but) make my own decisions )
別人說的話 隨便聽一聽 自己作決定
bié rén shuō de huà   suí biàn tīng yī tīng   zì jǐ zuò jué dìng

( (I) don't want to be too emotional )
bù xiǎng yǒng yǒu tài duō qíng xù

( One cup of red wine to accompany the movie )
yī bēi hóng jiǔ pèi diàn yǐng

( On weekend nights, I turn off (my) cell phone and nestle comfortably on the sofa )
在周末晚上 關上了手機 舒服窩在沙發裡
zài zhōu mò wǎn shàng  guān shàng le shǒu jī   shū fú wō zài shā fā li

( Mutual love is not that easy, each person has his or her own personality )
相愛沒有那麼容易 每個人有他的脾氣
xiāng ài méi yǒu nà me róng yì    měi gè rén yǒu tā de pí qì

( (I've) passed the age where (one) dreams of love, it is better to have peace than to cry )
過了愛作夢的年紀 轟轟烈烈不如平靜
guò le ài zuò mèng de nián jì   hōng hōng liè liè bù rú píng jìng

( Happiness is not that easy, (it) can only captivate people )
幸福沒有那麼容易 才會特別讓人著迷
xìng fú méi yǒu nà me róng yì   cái huì tè bié ràng rén zháo mí

( At the age where you don't know anything, )
shén me dōu bù dǒng de nián jì

( (It) was the most moving and therefore the most happiest. )
曾經最掏心 所以最開心 曾經
céng jīng zuì tāo xīn   suǒyǐ zuì kāi xīn   céng jīng

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